Fashion Blogs Are The New Gold

With the US alone having approximately 31 million bloggers it is vital to keep up with what blogs are the most profitable if you are hoping to make your blog into a business. Emerging bloggers are breaking away from the traditional purpose of blogging and realising that money can be made through things such as advertising and sponsored content.

So what sort of blogs can potentially be financially beneficial? Well if fashion is your passion then you could be in luck. More and more bloggers are going from nobody’s to somebody’s through their fashion blogs. If you love everything that is fashion and have enough quality, content-rich information you could see your revenue increase at a high rate. Gone are the days were young men and women could only dream of being in the front row of a fashion show, if your blog becomes well known, you may find that the fashion show is asking you to attend, not only that they will pay you to attend… I can tell you there is something so hugely satisfying about being paid for something that you would have done for free! Typically well known fashion bloggers can command as much as $650 for an appearance fee. So not only have you had the great experience of attending the show, you can then go back and blog about it which will increase your traffic to your site, especially if you attended a big fashion show (did I hear someone say Fashion Week?), well the possibilities could be endless as it would also be a great networking opportunity.

Many people have already seen the benefits of fashion blogs, Kat Griffin who was formally a corporate lawyer, set up her blog ‘Corporette’ which specializes in office wear topics. She has been able to leave her highly paid corporate job and blog fulltime, due to her blog attracting over 130,000 unique users every month. “It’s known that bloggers can earn six figures – and it’s growing,”. “Bloggers are entrepreneurs these days – they have influence and power. Why shouldn’t they earn money from it?” says Yuli Ziv, Founder of Style Coalition, an agency for bloggers which has worked with JC Penny.

The key thing to remember about making any blog successful is that you have to write it with your readers in mind, not with a sale in mind. Because of the personal aspect to blogging, readers do not want to feel that they are being lied to. So don’t try to promote a crappy product on your blog, that is bad for the reader, but most of all that is bad for you. Don’t chase the money, chase the dream. The money then takes care of itself.

What is your blog about? Do you earn money from it? Share your thoughts.

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The Icons of Teen Fashion Blogging

At this present time, it’s the women who have taken over the fashion industry. It has forced many young children to opt for the internet by opening up blogs to showcase their designs which has paid off a great deal because many people check out these blogs on a daily basis.

In Texas, a young fashion addict by the name of Jane Aldridge began blogging when she was she was 16.The blog goes by name of Sea of Shoes and it has a done a tremendous job in promoting this young lady.

This popularity she has made it hard for her to cope up with her friends who think she is not styled up enough to hang with them. The mother of this Young Texas girl has a fashion business in Tokyo which clearly shows that Jane is living a high life.

Many teenage girls have admired her style to the extent that every outfit she puts on, they go wild. She has many shelves filled up with shoes she gathers due to her passion for them. Sea of Shoes attracts 70,000 people every day hence this says it all.

Among the other fashion teenage geniuses we have Tavi Gevinson. With her sense of style; she is highly demanded by all fashion magazines, Teen Vogue inclusive.

Style Rookie which happens to be the name of her fashion blog was invented when she was 13 years old. The designs you will find on her blog will give you the first impression that this young lady has lots of love for fashion.

Fashion is all about having the perfect clothes and accessories which when put on, you will be so smart and many people will appreciate.

The whole point is putting on something that will make heads turn around in search of that smartly dressed person who has just passed. It’s all about having the knowledge and confidence which can help you come up with a good design.

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